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Working Together to Build a Stronger Workforce

The Workforce Funder Collaborative is a partnership of philanthropic-minded organizations that have come together for one purpose: to strengthen workforce development across the Greater Toronto Area.

We work with workforce development-focused, non-profit organizations—workforce innovators—to deliver high-quality programming, establish strong partnerships, and create sustainable solutions that will lead to systems change. We want to see a region where everyone has access to good jobs, our businesses can easily find the talent they need, and local communities can flourish.

In this ever-changing economy, workforce development programs that meet the real-world needs of job seekers, workers and employers are more important than ever. We need programs that support individual talent and skill development, while engaging employers to ensure greater opportunities and growth. This requires innovative approaches, committed partnerships, and responsive solutions.

Our Guiding Principles are:



Prioritize initiatives that lead to greater inclusion



Work together to create more impact than the sum of our individual efforts



Demonstrate the value to be gained from new practices and policies



Promote evidence-based approaches as a way of informing new initiatives



Commit to intentional documentation and evaluation of our work