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Building the Workforce of Tomorrow

The Workforce Funder Collaborative will invest in workforce innovators to collaborate with their stakeholders to identify problems, develop, and deliver sustainable solutions.

Our 2021–2023 strategy will focus on investing in workforce innovators by:

  • Testing out two investment approaches: open-call and capacity-building, followed by invitation-only call for proposals

  • Providing two-year grants for workforce innovators to define problems and develop solutions

  • Committing to an investment in 3-5 organizations each year

Our three main objectives are to:

Connect and build relationships with relevant stakeholders to problem-solve identified issues

Collaboratively develop sustainable, systems-change solutions to address these issues

Identify strategies to sustain and/or scale the solutions

To achieve these objectives, we will:


Carry out work in line with our principles

Partnership-ai (3)

Collaborate with workforce innovators to define problems and develop solutions


Provide hands-on capacity-building, coaching, and training


Focus on workforce innovators’ needs


Be accountable and transparent in our investments


Capture reflections and learning through developmental evaluation