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Working Together for Systems Change

Our purpose at the Workforce Funder Collaborative is to identify and partner with workforce innovators that are ready to catalyze systems change through stakeholder engagement, partnership development, and sustainable solutions.

These organizations are on the frontlines—identifying workforce development problems, and piloting innovative solutions. With our continued investment in such initiatives there is a greater capacity for these workforce innovators to address their local workforce challenges and better serve the needs of workers, job seekers, employers, and systems players such as government, universities, and colleges.

It is a thorough and competitive selection process to qualify for funding. As part of this process, we ask organizations to respond to the following questions:

  • What is the problem?

  • What is the solution?

  • How are you working with your partners and stakeholders to find solutions to these problems?

  • What is the employer’s role in the solution?

  • How is equity achieved?

  • Where will we see systems change?

Meet Our Workforce Innovator Partners