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Workforce Innovator Partners

The Workforce Funder Collaborative is investing in these workforce innovators to answer questions related to equity, systems change, and partnerships in workforce systems. Through their work, we hope to gain a better understanding of demand-driven approaches and employer engagement strategies that lead to strong and sustainable program models.

Building Up’s mission is to support individuals with barriers to employment to gain stability for themselves and their families through community, compassion and long-term careers in the construction industry.

Connects community builders with ideas, knowledge, research, tools and each other; Translates knowledge across sectors; Celebrates and elevates the work of community building as some of the most important work in our society so that communities can find collective solutions to complex social issues.

The Storefront facilitates collaboration, builds community and supports people to learn and create together, to live healthy lives, to find meaningful work, to play and thrive. Their work is focused on the Kingston Galloway Orton Park Community.

POV champions for diverse, rising and talented young creatives who want to develop technical skills, build social capital, grow their careers and transform the face of TV and Film production across Canada.